Personality Traits that Repel Good People Out of Your Life

The word happiness is about how you celebrate it. One can only enjoy any moment when he is having an art of how to create acts that make faces smiley. It is not easy to adjust meanings of life that finally called to be a joyful and happy life because that takes many tough streams to pass through in a long run.
What contributes a life? That is about the surroundings, particular environment, and the respective people those are directly and indirectly part of your life. When a grown up child passes through learning phases, he / she learns that behavior from parents, surroundings and specially words and behavior that contributes towards his personality. Therefore, each of the surrounded behavior makes up one’s level of thinking, level of nature, level of behavior, level of discipline, level of cognition, level of ego, smartness, wisdom and much more. When a child in his basic learning stage is used to learn that the color of sky is red, color of strawberry is yellow instead of blue and red, he will learn as it is. Therefore, it is about how one is motivated and learns so that he could behave in better way ahead.
People are the important factor that makes a man brave, makes his personality gradually like from a grown child with his / her parents and moving forwardly at his / her friends, teachers, colleagues. While with the passage of time in a life the traits of one sometimes developed as new, sometimes shaped and sometimes omitted from life with respect to scenarios that one faced during lifetime. Human life is full of miseries because sense of emotions is associated with every one that when sometimes used positively, could approach towards better life maturity and happiness.
In every general life, there exist fluctuations so that results in loss of relationships, hopes, image, intention, focus in life. Inversely these difficulties or fluctuations can make these effected portions of life much better than earlier or than ever. Nobody is perfect in this world but these are traits and attribute that makes human being differentiated. God gifted traits are also one of the most important competencies that reveal individuality amongst human being’s like “Usain Bolt” can run faster in the world (Traits shaped). Aalam Channa (Pakistan) was having top physical height in the world in 1990’s.
One must bring wise thoughts in life because thinking positive will react any sort of problem positively. That is the need of time where a sense of humanity is the secret to success. On this earth, selfishness meant as professionalism and business mind traits are not required. With these people are more focused in sharpening their ways of reacting towards any upcoming incident. Being smart should be expressed as others get motivated instead hurting because every behavior is affected. Personality is one of the most important factor when you are visualized during a job interview because the way one talks, walks, smiles, communicates represents his / her self-control that is majorly common point of analysis every interviewer wants to ejaculate. Therefore, behaving wise can leads towards better utilizing ego with respect to tolerance, courage and better understanding of life’s symptoms that leads towards satisfied one self and surrounded people. In the last, common reasons one repel good people away from their life are as

  1. Selfishness
  2. Blaming
  3. Grudging
  4. Self-priority
  5. Complainer
  6. Know it all etc.
    Above are some of major factors which keep the good people away from our life. We should avoid these poisonous traits in order to develop a good social capital in the society.

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